24 July 2020

Workplace feeding post-Covid, by Paul Williams

21 July 2020

Aiming high after locking down

18 July 2020

Nutrition at work

Food to take you further.

At Eurest, we’ve always understood the power of food – to refuel and refresh, to engage, activate and motivate.

In workplaces up and down the UK, we’re using that power to help people live healthier, happier and more productive lives.

From what we cook to the way we communicate, from the space to the menu, it’s all designed to have a positive impact on your people – so they can have a positive impact on your business

Dig in.

We love food. And we love what we do.

We're fanatical about crafting perfect plates. We get a kick out of trying new flavours, and refining old favourites. Our chefs are always learning and sharing, and our menus are always evolving.

But we understand that great food starts outside the kitchen, so we put just as much care into our sourcing. We know how every ingredient is grown, raised or made, and we’re proud to work with some of the best producers in the UK.


From what we cook to the way we communicate, from the menu to the mood, from ingredients to activities – it all has the potential to have a positive impact on your workplace, and bring real benefits to your employees and your business.


So together, let’s do our bit for the physical, mental and economic health of the nation.  

Heart and soul.

Eating and drinking are social activities, and we’re people-people through-and-through.

There are over 4,000 of us in the Eurest team – and everyone, from porters to planners, from buyers to baristas, has a crucial role to play.


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