8 June 2020

Workplace Feeding Post-Covid – by Paul Williams, Business Director

Since the Coronavirus Pandemic swept across the globe life has changed beyond recognition. As a business that provides catering facilities to multiple workplaces that remained open through the crisis, we had to adapt quickly. With astonishing rapidity, we transformed our outlets in a way that allowed us to continue serving high-quality meals to essential workers without compromising on safety. I believe our team has done an outstanding job, and wanted to share some of our learnings ahead of more businesses preparing to reopen in a post-Covid world.

27 May 2020

Five trends shaping the future of foodservice – by Pete Champain, Sales Director

Working in business development, I get to see first-hand how the catering and hospitality market is changing; what clients are talking about, what’s worrying them, and what’s getting them excited.